Extreme ground sports #1 Mountain-boarding

Hello everyone

For mountain-boarding we will need a special board adapted for driving around the terrain. The board consists of four medium-sized tires and straps that we can attach to your feet. 

This sport is a summer type of snowboarding and a good option for beginner surfers. This board does not need the right weather conditions for driving, such as snow or water, it can ride on grasses, stones and other area that for a normal board can only be a dream. 

The beginning of this sport is considered to be the seventies, when two skateboarders decided to attach larger wheels to their boards.

 There is a special skateboard on which you can feel like real snowboarding. The board allows the user to ride sideways thanks to his special wheels. With the help of the balance of the body skateboarder is able to control the attitude of the board.

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