Extreme winter sports #2 Snow-kiting

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Snow-kiting is a winter kite-surfing discipline, this sport involves riding on a special parachute board. For kite-surfing we need favorable winds and snow or ice surfaces.

Snow-kiting is easier to learn than kite-surfing. Because of the hard surface before driving, buy a set of pads and a helmet, and check for durability before entering the ice.

For snowboarding we can use a board or skis, in the case of kite-surfing, we can choose only a board, however, the professionals of snowboarding more often choose a board. Another necessary piece of equipment is a kite divided into an open chamber and a closed chamber:

flying with open chambers - they are kites not adapted to the angle with water because then they lose their properties.

flying with closed chambers - they do not have their own shape. The structure of the kite is similar to the construction of wings, but in the case of this kite the air is kept in its center, and the lock is used to release it.

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