Extreme winter sports #3 Snowmobile

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Snowmobile is a vehicle adapted to different surfaces covered with snow and it is a combination of sleighs and scooters.

The scooter is suitable for driving on roads, but also on off-roads. He drives very well on snow-covered surfaces. It is adapted for ice riding, but the person driving the scooter is forced to reduce speed.

The most important elements included in the scooter are, of course, the engine with a power not exceeding 1000 cm³, usually two gypsum, from which the drive is carried and two skids that help maintain the balance of the scooter. The first scooter was created by the French motoring pioneers Marquis Jules-Albert de Dion and engineer Georges Bouton.

Their concept was based on the construction of the Norwegian sleds. There are several types of snowmobiles. One of them is freestyle designed for extreme riding and performing tricks. Another type is a tourist intended for quiet driving in the terrain, and the third one is 8 cylinders intended for racing.

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