How to wear denim jacket?

Denim jacket is something totally classic and iconic. Perfect for sunny spring days or summer evenings. You can wear it with elegant dress or bermudas. Does't matter! In this cloth you always look great. But the question is: how to wear denim jacket... to do not look like cute, teen girl?

1. Big city dream - look  from Vogue intsagram. Especially "streetstyle". Outfit "at 9 a.m. I have important project in work and at 9 p.m. I have party with friends". Look have to be comfortable and versatile. For example black pants and white t-shirt should be ok. You can choose red high heels and scarf in crazy colour. Simple, sexi and comfortable.

2. Walks along the beach - what about fluttering dress? It was really hot day in your sea curort, so you chose white dress and comfortable sandals. But now it's evening and you are going to go for a walk with your boyfriend. What to wear? Ohh it's easy! Denim jacket! Don't belive me? Every character from romantic comedy thinks similar.

3. For worse day - a bit of sports style. Maybe casual pants and favourite t-shirt with writings? You should choose sneakers and black backpack. Comfort, comfort and again comfort. And of course you will look really good, of course as always.

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