How to wear mom jeans?

Iconic trousers from 80s and 90s. Our mom's favourite choice for ordinary day. Why milions of people still love this type? Comfortable and fashionable. All we want in fashion in one thing.

1. Instagram in real life - black leather jacket and white v-neck tshirt. If it's too popular in your opinion, you can choose red or yellow scarf. Maybe crazy shoes for it? Don't be afraid about colours. They are fashion weapon! 2. Big city girl - black polo name and... silver, long earrings. Really simple look, so again you can focus on shoes. High heels? Or lords? Shoes will make your outfit more elegant or more casual.

3. Barcelona style - weightless, floral blouse in neon colour (red is definitely one of my favourite).Think about big earrings and espadrilles. Can you imagine that you're on 'La Rambla'? 4. When you're editor in 'Vogue'- white shirt will look amazing with light blue mom jeans. Choose black pumps and elegant minibag.
Thank you for your time <3 This post is really short and simple. But I want tok explain this problem possibly clear. Until next time. W.MA
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