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Paragliding originates from the so-called Gliding parachutes, but it can not be confused with parachuting, because in it the parachute is used to reduce the rate of decline in the atmosphere, and the para-glider is used for glide in the air. It is a recreational form of sport often confused with aviation.

Paragliding can be practiced by a man who has no experience with the help of an instructor. There are several forms of flying on a paraglider. The simplest is jamboree. As the name suggests, it consists of the order from the highest hill and further gliding on the paraglider.

This form is usually used in the initial phase of learning, and the flight depends on the quality of the equipment. Another most popular and the most interesting of all form is:

Sailing flights that depend on the speed and direction of the wind. The best wind for sailing is moderate wind because too weak wind makes it impossible to lose the fixed altitude and too strong threatens to tilt the para-glider to the outside.

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