There’s something I really need to tell you about.

Despite incredible views and all other beauties of the sea, sailing is not only fun. There is one thing that can ruin all your life on the ship – seasickness. Right from the start everybody was expecting it, but when it came we weren’t ready for that living death. We were hoping that maybe we won’t get sick but it hit everybody.

Imagine to yourselves the worst stomachache and headache you ever had , multiply it thousand times and add spinning in your head. That’s how you feel when you’re seasick

There’s nothing that you can’t go through. The most important thing was not giving up. I never knew that my friends’ support will be that helpful. Sometimes a glass of water could give an indescribable relief.

There was no actually cure for sickness, but the best healer was working. Nobody treated us concessionary and unexpectedly it help us to ‘survive’. We just had to wait that crisis out.

That’s all for today. Bye! 

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