Welcome in Świnoujście!

Our  destination was Świnoujście. I’ve been there a few times, but for the first time I was travelling by ship so effect was incredible.

The most amazing memory from that part of cruise is my first time at the helm of the ‘Fryderyk Chopin’. I had to learn really fast, because it was extremely big responsibility, but nothing can replace that indescribable feeling. I loved that wind in my hair. I knew that everything  was up to me and for those few moments I felt like I could move a mountain.

When we arrived to Świnoujście the evening came. All of the crew was tired so we watched a movie together in shipboard classroom and then everybody went to sleep, but not me. Before me there was a night watch between 2 and 3 p.m.

Even when I went to bed I couldn’t sleep, because tomorrow we were going to swam at the open sea. I was a bit stressed and stayed up all night. When the morning came I went with my friend to see the sunrise. I was ready for that day to come. 
Baltic Sea , I’m coming!
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