World Famous Powerlifters #7

Hello! Chad Wesley Smith is an American powerlifter. In 2009 he founded ‘Juggernaut Training Systems’ webpage. There he and his team is writing articles and movies about strength training, nutrition, mobility and fitness. Also they are teaching and training athletes and on their page you can buy e-books writted by them. Chad and Max Aita are recording podcasts called ‘The Jugglife Podcast’. They have own youtube channel ‘Juggernaut Training Systems’.Chad won two competitions in the Shot Put – Collegiate National Championship in Shot Put.His total (in wraps and without at 1050kg and 1010kg) is at top 10 all time totals.He worked with olympic athletes and athletes from UFC. Chad trained a lot of  world-class powerlifters.

His best lifts are 435kg squat with wraps, 380kg with sleeves, 257,5kg Bench press and 367,5kg deadlift.

Checkout Juggernaut training systems, where you can learn a lot 

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