A Walk to Remember


At first I want to tell you that all of films based on  Nicholas Sparks books are amazing and please don't get offended at me because I share with you mostly his work. Of course I recommend book in the same title, too.

Landon (Shane West) is a popular, selfish, handsome and reckless teenage. As part of the fun he ordered one of younger guy to jump into the pool to join his package. Unfortunately it didn't end well. Head teacher as a punishment told him to perform in theatrical art. There he met helpful, calm, modest, hard-working Jamie Sullivan (Mandy Moore). Before they get to known each other better Landon with his pack of friends were made fun of Jamie. He quickly realized that he loved her.

Earlier I didn't like this film but while I watched this second time with my mom in TV I conviced myself to this.

See you soon

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