Australian Dingo.#15

This is a mammal living in Australia and New Gwinea. Dingo is an animal from dogs family. It is very similar to a domestic dog. It can have Offsprings with home dogs. It has a wild dog and what is so interesting it can't bark. Dingo's skull is differently built. This dog has light ginger-orange fur. Its paws are quite long and thin with white ending. This dog has black nose and dark brown eyes.

This dog lives about 14 years. This animal weights about 10-24 kilograms. It is 86-122 centimeter long. Dingo is 44-63 centimeters hight. Young dogs are born after about 9 weeks hidden depp in burrows.

This dog is carnivorous becouse it eats small mammals, lizards and kangaroos. It hunts at night in a head or alone. When they lack food they eat birds' eggs, insect larvae and water birds.

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