Easter recipe - salad

Hello !
 Here I give you recipe for salad which is ideal to deviled eggs that we made recently. I hope that you curious about this dishes taste. Let's celebrate easter with tasty meals. 

Spring salad with homemade ranch
- 250 g fresh packed mix salad 
-  chopped carrots , onions, red peppers, cabage, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes
- if you like add a little bit of protein for example : cooked chicken, white beans or lentils.
- for seasoning add pits and sunflower or hemp nuts. Nuts also are a great topping
- 1 cup light mayonnaise 
-1/2 cup greek yougurt
- 3 tablespoons olive oil
- 1 tablespoon garlic powder
-  a little bit of parsley, chives, dill
- crumped ground black pepper

Chopped a little bit your salad, add carrots, sliced onions, cabage, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes and the proteins.
take the pan and toast the nuts and top with it salad. 
To make this dressing add everything  into gravy boat and then mix it all together. Serve salad  with deviled eggs and sauce. 
Thanks for reading. Maggie
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