Extreme ground sports #2 extreme mountain cycling

hello everyone!

Extreme cycling is a very dangerous sport because only those who can ride a bike very well can do it. For sport we need a special mountain bike, preferably equipped with the best shock absorbents, because they primarily affect the comfort of driving. 

Another important thing is a motocross-like helmet, if an accident happens, it can save our lives. it's best to have a good set of protectors. Like most sports. Extreme Cycling also has several different varieties:

- descent - depends on an independent descent from a steep mountain on narrow, stone paths. The competition consists in overcoming the designated section of the route as soon as possible.

-Attendance - depending on the organizer and the ingenuity of free-ride players depends on something else, for example, time is sometimes measured or who reaches the finish line first, but most often the number of falls and tricks is counted during the exit.

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