Extreme ground sports #3 drifting

hello everyone

drifting driving technique involving the longest possible slippage of the car, which we obtain by simultaneous braking with the sprain of fast driving.Of course there are several drift techniques:

-Linking is a technique involving the transfer of the entire weight of the car to its front part so that the rear wheels lose their grip and get into the slip.

-Clutch Kick - it's a moment of pressing the clutch to reduce the gear and very fast, energetic releasing it during the execution of the twisting maneuver. In this case, the car completely loses grip.

-Lift Off Drift - takes a picture of the leg from the gas when entering the bend and reduces it with the gas pedal and the circiator. This technique is most often used at high speeds and small curves.

-Long Slide Drift - performed at high speeds consists in using the handbrake much before entering the bend.

-Manji Drift - this technique consists of light drifts on a straight path from the right to the left.

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