Extreme ground sports #4 BMX

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BMX is a bike adapted to perform different tricks, has a low saddle and steering wheel, and on wheels has special rods mainly to diversify tricks. Its wheels have 24 cale, it does not have gears.There are several disciplines we can do on BMX:

-street-relies on driving around the city, using various elements of the surrounding, for example: walls, pipes, etc.

-vert is jumping on various types of ramps

-flatland are a variety of tricks performed on a flat surface. This type of discipline was taken from skateboarding freestyle.

-dirt is the determination for jumps performed on specially designed tracks for them

-park - it is a performance of various tricks on skating parks that are attached to it.

In all of these varieties, international competitions are performed around the world
A very prestigious event is the World Cup - UCI BMX Super-cross, whose characteristic feature is the 8-meter starting ramp, and larger obstacles. Participation in the competition can be taken by anyone who is 16 or older and has no health problems.

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