Extreme water sports #4 rafting

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rafting - this is a variety of river water, which was cultivated on rafts, boats, etc. Once a river boat was called transport of goods by sea (river). Now, rafting is done in a pontoon, usually ten people, each of them is equipped with a paddle, a solid helmet and a life jacket in the case of aerating a pontoon. Rafting is usually grown on running rivers with waterfalls from which daredevils try to escape. They know better that there is such an thing as the international difficulty of the river. This scale is presented on numbers from 1 to 6.

- Class 1 - the easiest way to cross the river from the mists. Even an amateur can swim without a problem. There is almost no such phenomenon as a fast river on such a river.

- Class 2 - we will have to deal with light sea currents and rocks along such a river.

-classes 3-small waves of low nobility. Ability to perform maneuvers.

Classes 4-sharp maneuvers, medium waves, slight drops and stones

Class 5 - high threat, big waves and rocks, sudden drops

- Class 6 - With this class we can expect a real hell: huge waves and rocks, high danger. By defeating such a river, we can hurt many times and even die.

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