Just another day on a ship

Hello everybody!

I'm going to continue my story , so ...We left  seaport  in Goteborg  in the Morning. Sea was calm and the weather was great.  The wind was blowing  in the sails.

That day it was again my turn to help in the kitchen.  This time my mission was making pancakes. I had to make over 200 of them all alone for all the crew.  It lasted about 3 hours. Preparing meals was one of the most important things on a ship. Even though it was hard work I was happy to help in kitchen because I really wanted to learn cooking as well as Mrs. Krysia - our cooker.

Next day of cruise we spent on working with bosun.  First thing in the morning -  everybody got some task. Someone was painting the ship or cleaning the deck , another one was patching the sails. We didn’t even notice when the evening came.  

We really needed to relax so we organized an evening with shanties.  I’ll never forget  sound of the guitar under the starlight.  

Thanks for reading!
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