My adventure with Powerlifting #2

Good morning! It was a long time ago when I posted last blog about me. It’s time to inform you about that. On the 5thof January 2018 I finished ‘Bill star 5x5’  training plan and started Texas method for advanced. It’s also based on beating personal records every week and also there is bench press and military press cycle. For now, my best lifts are 100kg squat , 85kg bench press, 50kg military press and 115 kg deadlift, all for 5 repetitions. You have a video of my training below. Now I’m going to talk about diet. On January I was doing a mini cut. It means really short cutting. Just to reduce fat a little bit. Then I came back to gaining lean mass. I set a specific goal: do a 150kg deadlift, 140kg squat and 110kg bench press, all for 1 repetitions. The deadline is on last trainings of May. So, how I’m going to do that? When I pass an exam, which is on the April, I’m going to reduce repetitions to 3. Then a month before deadline I’m going to reduce repetitions to 2 and 1. A week before I’m going to chill out.