Ocellaris Clownfish.#16

This is atractivelly colored sea fish from the Punjab family. This fish counted among clownfish. Ocellaris Clownfish is often grown in domestic aquariums.

It has a orange body with three white stripes with black edges. The middle strap is in the shape of a triangle. It is 9-11 centimeter long. This fish lives in symbiosis with the sea anemone. Symbiosis with an anemone benefits both sides becouse they protect each other.

Clownfish live individually, in pairs on in groups. These fish  have famele and male organs but first they function as male specimens.

It eats plankton and also have sea bottoms. Sometimes they bite the dead tentacles as well. Spawning lests 27 says. Famele lays up to 10 000-25 000 roe grains that the male is taking care of.

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