Ready for spring! #1

Season Spring/Summer 18 is already here!
When we hear "spring"at first, we think about flowers and pastels. This season is an opportunity to choose shoes like sandals or courts. And (what's the most important) it's time to forget about down jackets!

 What to wear to be extremely trendy?

1. Pastels (called ice cream colours)

"DELICACY can be strong," said Victoria Beckham.
Everybody knows light colours. But pastels in ss/18 are very, very light. Total looks are going to be one of the biggest trends. (You have to remember that there is a small group of people that look great in that colours. So if don't, it will be better for you to choose for example accesories than all looks).

1. Accordion skirt in light pink

2. Coctail dress in baby blue
3. Trench coat in beige

Looks from fashion week (street style):

Look at her jumper! Creamy beige

This dress! Dark skin and baby blue looks really great. 

Totally in love with this coat! Grid and light colour. Why not?

Bye <3

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