Ready for spring! #4

As I wrote two months ago designers take us back to 70s and 80s. Long time ago type of working clothing, today best for ordinary day. Jeans is always with us! This time in really dark version. 

1. Suit
Dark denim is more elegant than light. So it can give us an opportunity to wear it for work. But of course it's not all - outfit like that will look great with 'crazy' accessories. Red shoes? Or maybe bag in ultra violet? 

2. Dungarees
Again - few years ago associate with young girls and farms, today big trend. Perfect for spring in city. You can wear it very simple and subtle - with white tshirt or shirt. Absolutely with classic Converse!

3. Shirt
With black pants or with jeans (jeans on jeans trend). Simple look for school or shopping. 


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