Seaport in Göteborg

Hi guys!

It ‘s time for next part of  Fryderyk Chopin’s journey . From Copenhagen we salied straight to Göteborg.  It was  four-day cruise without any surprises.

Even the weather was pretty fine.  We were headed for north , so we expected that it’s going to cool down soon.  Scandinavian has its own unique climate.  

With every single day our crew was becoming a family. Our relations was so strong  maybe because we spent all free time together or because there wasn’t  the Internet or social medias on the sea . There wasn’t even any signal so our mobile phones were useless.

When we arrived to Sweden it was night so we only moored and went to sleep.  In Göteborg we spent  5 days] It was extremely short  5 days.  We were spending all our free time , between watches on the ship and helping bosun , in the city.  Göteborg is bigger than my home city – Szczecin, and o course we couldn’t  visit everything but we weren’t wasting our time.  On the ship we were at the earliest at midnight. 


With a little of sadness we left  Göteborg behind. Next destination – Norway!

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