Sugar Glider.#14

This is a mammal from the family of marsupial. This is a small animal that lives in groups. Sugar Glider lives on trees in Australia and New Guinea. It rather small animal about 11-15 centimeters with long inflexible tail. It has got skinny wrinkles which help him to move like they were flying. This animal weights about 90-130 grams.

Its fur is grey with black stripe from the top of its head to the end of the tail. It has got black circle around its eyes and white stomach. Sugar Glider has a grey which dark ending. This animal has got a small light pick nose and paws. This animal is herbivorous becouse it eat sweet pini nectar from acacia and fig trees.

It has a wild animal from Australia but you can buy it and keep at home as a pet. You must keep in the terrarium.

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