The spirit of Norway

Hi guys!

Good news - On the horizon we saw land. It was Stavanger. If anybody wants to feel real spirit of Norway – it’s the best place. It looked exactly as I imagined. Small white houses and mountains all over the region. 

We were lucky because the weather was amazing and our plan was to climb on Preikestolen. Norway’s beautiful fjords are the things of legends! It was worth climbing 604 meters  up high for that breathtaking view.  We took a lot of photos!


Except fjords we visit only The Petroleum Museum. In my free time I was walking a lot, sightseeing and , of course, went to every single souvenir shop in the area.

In Stavanger we spent 4 days . It was definitely too short. Norway is one of the place witch I want to come back the most. Everything was so beautiful and I couldn't take my eyes off it. When we were sailing away from port , I knew , that it's not my last time there. 

I had to focus on a ship , becouse before us there were 2 weeks of saling without any land.
North Sea - I'm coming !

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