World Famous Powerlifters #11

Hi! Today I’ll introduce you Greg Nuckols. He was born in 1991 in Mocksville, North Carolina. He lives in Raleigh in the same state. When he was a child he liked to play baseball, football and basketball. Greg left team sports because of issues. Then he choose powerlifting as a main sport. He’s founder of some websites like, they are about getting bigger, stronger and more jacked. He has been working out for more than decade. His experience is enormous. He graduated Harding University in Arkansas. Greg has got a Bachelor of Science in Exercise and Sport Science. He coached hundreds of athletes and competitors. Greg is an author at,, Men’s health,, Greg published with Omar Isuf 2 red-hot e-books called The Science of Lifting and The Art of Lifting, they are about principles of strength training. He beat 3 all-time world records in powerlifting at 105kg, 221 kg weight class. His personal record at 221kg weight class are 377,5kg squat with wraps, 237,5kg bench press and 362,5 kg deadlift.
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