World Famous Powerlifters #9

Good Morning! Eric Lilliebridge is a powerlifter from United States of America. When he was 18 years old he could do a deadlift with 400kg! at 129kg of body weight. His dad is a powerlifter too. At the age of 19 Eric beat him. He wasn’t expect that. He have over ten years of experience in powerlifting. He broke numerous world records.

 His raw total without wraps score – 1067,5kg; is all-time World record in any Weight class. His best raw squat in wraps is 465kg. It’s all-time world record in  History. He has all-time record in raw total with wraps at 140kg of body weight – 1100kg. His best lifts are 275,5kg bench press, 457kg squat without wraps and 443,5kg deadlift.  He’s author of ‘lilliebridge method’ training plan. Eric writes posts at .
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