Australian Brushturkey.#21

This bird is from the megapodiidae family. Lives in the eastern part of Australia. This bird is the largest of three representatives of this family. Australian Brushturkey, despite its name, is not related to turkey.

Australian Brushturkey has a black feathers on his body. It has a red head and a yellow neck. It has a blac strong beack. This animal has big feet. These birds are not afraid of people and are happy to steal food from them.

This animal has 60- 75 centimeter langht and weight 10-16 kilograms. This animal builds large nests from dry sticks on the ground. The nest is built by the dominant male. Folded eggs by a female are very large. Female lays 16- 21 eggs. Australian Brushturkey eggs are a favorite delicacy of snakes and Dingo dogs.

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