Baby, it's warm outside

Spring is already here! Perfect opportunity to buy new things... and experiment with them. What trends are going to make your outfit WOW?

1. Wicker bag
Spring can look like summer! Best choice for this season (just look at all this photos from beach or park). It's comfortable and pretty. Wicker bag fit in the most important things (not only for holidays, but for work or city walk, too). Choose this kind of bag in typical for bags fashion (forget about boring shopping bag).

2. Scarf in pastels

Mellow, subtle, elegant. Equally looks girlshly and womanishly. Relieve every simple outfit (for example white t-shirt and jeans). Next thing: shelter your neck (it's more difficult to get cold). Experiment with colours and patterns. What do you think about flowers and pink?

3. Sunglasses
Especially cateye. They protect your eyes and make your outfit more stylish. Don't you think it sounds perfect? You can forget about forget about make-up. Sunglasses attract people to look only at them. 


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