Be Somebody

Hello everyone!

Today I'm will tell you about one of the better netflix films that I have ever watched.

Young singer Jordan Jaye (Matthew Espinosa) was tired of the whole of his fame and missed his old life. One day Jordan's crew take a brake at the restaurant. He wasn't hungry so he discreetly went at the skateboard. When his crew take back they though that he was fall asleep. They went on without him, but in those moment they didn't know that. Jordan didn't know what to do with himself, he didn't have a phone so he went to the pub. There few of his fans attacked him so he sat down to girl wasn't interesed at him. And there beutiful story began.

Maybe it's not a story about one, true love but it perfectly show us how innocent can be a few days romance.

See you nex time/ Julka
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