Crocodiles live in the northern Australia. This is one of the biggest animals living in Australia. In the Australia there are two kinds of crocodiles: freshwater and saltwater. The first ones are names freshies and they aren't dangerous to people, but we shouldn't come close.

Crocodiles live in swamps, rivers and bays. This animals have 3-7 meters lenght and weight 1000 kilograms.

The salties crocodiles are dangerous for the people and you must avoid them. Saltwater crocodiles are the biggest reptiles in the world.

They are carnivore and eat fish, birds, bats, reptiles, amphibiams, mammals and invertabrates. Famales lay about 4-20 eggs but usually 13 in sand on the beach after the wet season. Small crocodiles come out from eggs after 75-85 days. Then famales take their babies in to water in their jaws. Mothers look after their babies for sometime.

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