Extreme water sports #6 cliff jumping

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Cliff jumps consist of jumping from a high cliff into water, or from a smaller one to the ground. In this sport you do not need any special equipment, you can wear only protectors and a helmet.

More experienced players can perform various tricks before touching the ground, such as Freestyle and the like. Of course, it is possible to jump with a parachute, but it will not be Cliff Jumping, but basic jumps. The world record in jumps is currently owned by Laso Schaller, who made a jump from 58.8 m.

The most favorable conditions for practicing this sport is a sunny day without rain and without windiness. Mostly jumping from a cliff takes place in various water areas surrounded by nice views.

It is also often performed with a rope. Remember to check carefully before jumping that the ground under water is not too shallow or that there is no object in it that could damage your health.

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