Famous Polish Powerlifters #6

Welcome! Daniel Grabowski has born in 1986. He’s from Suwałki. He graduated pedagogy and resocialization at KUL university in Lublin. He is the youngest World Champion in Poland. He was 24 years old. In November 2010 at World  Championships in Potchefstroom he get first place at 125kg weight class. He did squat with 445kg, bench press with 275kg and deadlift with 352,5kg. Score 1072,5kg. His best lifts are 290kg bench press , 445kg squat and 362,5kg deadlift.

 As a child he was training basketball, but he hurt his spine. So he went to the gym for rehabilitation. Instantly he fell in love with powerlifting. Year later he won Masters of Poland. When he was studying, he was training at AOS in Lublin, at some moments only he was  training because of amount of weight on his bar.
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