Groundhog Day


Phil Connros (Bill Murray) is weather presenter. On February 2nd went to the Punxsutawney to make a relation from Groundhog Day. According to legend if on February 2nd  Groundhog in the name Phil will see shadow of itself, winter will be 6 weeks longer. His sarcastic personality annoy the crew. He can't live the town because of snowstorm. When he woke up it turns out that there is February 2nd again and he must make a relation from Groundhog Day again. He stopped in time and everyday was February 2nd. Phil decides to use the time given to him. He realized that he fall in love with Rita ( girl from film crew) and decided to change himself.

This cult story is really funny and I think that most of us whatched rhis film but if not, I recommend that.

See you next time /Julka

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