Long way

Hello everyone!

Next piece of my sailing adventure was trip from Stavanger (Norway) to Ostend (Belgium). It was probably the hardest part of cruise. I was a bit afraid when I realized that before me are two weeks without any land on the horizon, but I was excited too. I like taking up new challenges and risk.


This long way was passing by without any big surprises except storm, of course. We had a lot of time for everything.  We were making up all our delays and even working more than standard. Thanks to this, we did two school weeks in only one.

The longest sailing equals the worst seasickness. In moments like those, everyone misses land and home.  Somehow, I survived it. It was such a big test of my endurance not only physical but mental, too. I was proud that I didn’t give up. Despite it, I breathed a sigh of relief when I felt ground under my feet. 

Belgian port – Ostend – seemed really interesting. It was my first time in that country co I was curious about everything.

That’s all. Till next time!
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