Must-haves | SPRING '18

It's warm outside. We have to choose carefully, because we can't cover our outfit with coat. It's easier to look unique than everyone. Perfect time to experiment with colours and patterns. But season doesn't matter - there are some clothes that are totally must-haves.

1. White T-shirt
Something extremely basic. Who you are if you haven't got at least one piece? Easy to mix with patterns or other basics (remember: too little is worse than too much). Think about neckline. V-neck? Boat neck? It's important to choose great quality. Then t-shirt can look fine for 3 or even 4 seasons.

2. Denim skirt
We love denim! Something timeless. (This season dark colours will be the most trendy). You can mix this skirt with white, black or for example red t-shirt. Better choice than shorts (skirts are more elegant and they looks girlshly). What's really important - denim skirt might look casual and elegant. It depends on shoes. Trainers or high heels?


3. White trainers
OK, it's difficult to keep perfect white up if we talk about shoes (but not impossible). White shoes look amazing with tanned legs  and... dark denim! (Think again about skirt ;) ) It's example of sports elegance.

Until next time

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