Surprise on the sea

Hello everyone!

Guess what  happened! When I was thinking that nothing else can surprise me, on daily morning assembly , captain told us , that our ‘stop off’ in Plymouth is cancelled because of the weather. It meant that before us  there are two , maybe three weeks on the sea , again. Next planned port was in Spain.

First week was pretty calm. We sailed across the English Channel . The view was amazing. We were passing by a lot of container ships, so we had to be careful. 

It was time to swam out to the open ocean. Water was  crystal clear. Sun , breeze and wind in our sails. There is no place on earth like this. It was breathtaking. I’ll never forget it.
On the ship , nothing can be so easy. When we were sailing through place called Bay of Biscay ( near France) the storm came. Officers warned us , that there is no way to escape from the storm on Biscay. This time, we were ready!

That’s all for now, bye!
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