Whale are the biggest animal living on our planet. They travel from cold Antarctic waters to Australia. They weight about 3600-5400 kilograms and 8-15 meters lenght. They can live even 50 years. Whale is an animal from cetaceous animals. Whales are gigantic mammals they are hunt for meat and oil.  

In the past whales were called gigantic fish. They eat plankton and small fish. They are so big that people are afraid of them.

Environmentalists belive that whales have evolved from the group of extinct land mammals. Whales as the only species of animals have horizontal fins, swimming with their tail up and down. Whales do not drink seawater. This animals often dive depper than 300 meters in search of squids. The only predator hunting whales is man. The whale's heart can weigh as much as a car.

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