Whole week in port

Hi guys !

Today I’m going to tell you something obvious - Belgium is the capitol of chocolate.
 I spent there whole week and I was delighted. I visited only two cities : Ostend and Brugge , but I think I felt the spirit of this country.

Can you imagine something like this? You’re walking down the street and there are thousand shops with chocolate and many different sweets all around.  There are a lot of people , of course.  Sellers were so nice and always smiling. In every step you can try and taste some sweets for free. I remember a lot of flowers on the streets , too. Place almost like from a fairytale. 

Nothing lasts forever , so it came time to swam away from port in Ostend.  Last evening in Belgium we made a campfire. We were singing along by the fire to the midnight.

When the morning came I was rested and that was strange , but I was Ready to go!
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