World Famous Powerlifters #12

Welcome! Omar Isuf is a fitness athlete from Canada. He’s powerlifter, weightlifter and bodybuilder.  Omar is renowned for his Youtube channel, where he teach people about fitness. He’s author of The Science of Lifting and The Art of Lifting. He graduated from University of Windsor. His best lifts are bench press with 157,5kg, squat with 225kg and deadlift with 263,5kg.

When he was a child he was very active. He was involved in soccer, baseball and mixed martial arts. Then at High school, he has to gave up sport because of education. That’s why he get fat. Then he decided to get back in shape by weightlifting.

In his training he use both of powerlifting methods and bodybuilding methods to get the best results in physique. His diet is IIFYM. That means he eat what he want, but in appropriate proportions.

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