World Famous Powerlifters #13

Good Morning! Today I’ll introduce you to Mike Farr. His nickname is Silent Mike. He is 29 years old. He’s American Powerlifter at senior division  105kg weight class. Also he is a strength coach. His youtube channel is called Silent Mike, there he is recording vlogs about his training and teaching people very important things about strength sports. Mike has been lifting for 16 years. His best lifts are squat with 267,5kg, bench press with 162,5kg and deadlift with 295kg. His best total is 727,5kg. His motto is that confidence is a key to success for everyone. He’s good at dancing.

When he was a child his passion was basketball. He was dreaming about being at competitive level at this sport. At the age of 12 he signed on with a coach, who was teaching professional athletes. After college he decided to be personal trainer at commercial gyms. That led him to supertraining gym. There Mike was a member of team Supertraining  for 5 years.
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