Famous Polish Powerlifters #7

Hi! Roman Szymkowiak was born in 1959. He’s 59 years old powerlifter. He lives in Kościan. He’s former trainer in ‘Kobra Kościan’ sports club. He was trainer of national team in powerlifting in 2000-2010. Roman has won World Championships in Salzburg in 1996. He has been master of Europe 3 times. He has been Master of Poland 9 times. His best lifts at 82,5kg bodyweight, 90kg category are squat with 340kg, bench press with 220kg and deadlift with 390kg. Score 950kg.

He started lifting when he was 27. In 1991 he gained bronze medal on Masters of Europe. Year later he was third on World Championships. In the next year he was second. His last competition was in 2007 after 7 years of rest. His score was 810kg at 90kg category and he won Masters of Poland.
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