Famous Polish Powerlifters #9

Welcome! Andrzej Stanaszek is an unusual powerlifter, because he’s a midget. He’s only 122cm tall. He has born in 1971, so he’s 47 years old. He’s from Łodygowice village, near Żywiec city. He belongs to ‘Stal Bielsko Biała’ sports club. He has got 8 titles of World Master in Powerlifting, 10 titles World Master in bench press and many other Master titles in squat , bench press and powerlifting at international rank. In 1995 he get in the Hall of Fame of IPF powerlifting federation. His best lifts are 300,5kg squat, 182,5kg bench press and 144,5kg deadlift at 52kg category. His deadlift is that weak in compare with other lifts, because when he did first two lifts he is 100% winner. That’s why he slack deadlift.
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