How to wear culottes?

I have to say it again. It's warm outside. It will be good to change content in your wardrobe. Black  jeans are something basic and they look perfect with everything. But it's bad idea to wear them in warm, sunny days. Culottes can be alternative.  

Culottes - cropped pants which look like skirt.

So the question is
how to wear culottes?

1. Elegant
(As everything) culottes will look best on tall girls. But it doesn't mean that shortest people can't wear them. Really good solution is to choose high heels. It can be perfect look for oficial occasions. Think to pick cotton or even silk tank top and jacket in light colour. Hmmm... maybe pastel culottes? 

2. In the city

Ok. Sunglasses and wicker bag are something as clear as day. But they are accesories. To make outfit we need clothes. For example millenial pink culottes and white tshirt. Or white shirt. White look extremely urbanely. Tall girl can choose trainers, short espadrille with platform. 

3. Holidays
What about patterns? But no black stripes. What about flowers or colourful stripes? And for culottes with pattern tank top with pattern. Typical look for walks on the beach. Shoes? You don't need shoes. It's sand there. Remember about suntan! 

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